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Transforming rooms

Doug Whitney, owner
4086 Valleyvue Drive
Gibsonia PA  15044 412 519-6127

Frequently Asked Questions:

Business established in 1997.  

Free estimates, Guaranteed contract prices, Written proposals and signed contracts

Scheduling of projects in consultation with you. Courtesy call the night before the project is to begin.

Work day:  8:00am - 5:00pm
        I work consecutive days until completion, weather permitting, not weekends.  I will finish your project before starting another.

Fully insured through the Pasquinelli Insurance Agency,  724 443-1000

Warranty/Guarantee - If there is a problem, please call, I'll be back to make it right.

Advertising - I distribute cards to your neighbors to promote and expand my business.  90% of my work is through repeat and referral business so my focus is on doing exemplary work and earning your future business and referrals to neighbors, friends and family.

Service area:   I live in Gibsonia and my two sons go to the Pine Richland High School.  Most of my work is within 30 minutes of home.   Pine-Richland, Hampton, North Allegheny, Fox Chapel Area, Shaler and Mars school districts. Gibsonia 15044, Allison Park 15101, Pittsburgh 15238, Cheswick 15024  , Wexford 15090, Pittsburgh 15237, Glenshaw 15116, Mars 16046 

    I love my work, it is my hobby and passion,  and I will be completing your project.  There are times I will bring in a sub-contractor for a specialized trade or a helper but I will be on the job every day.   For ten years I had employees. I don't enjoy the tax compliance, bookkeeping and additional sales required due to employees. I keep my business simple and do what I enjoy - building and construction.  

References available upon request.

Daily clean up of the work area.  I haul away debris. Equipment, tools and supplies are stored in a designated area for safety.

Service has stayed the focus of my company since I started it 17 years ago.  Service has kept me in business.
Calls are returned, I show up when I say, I write proposals, I answer questions, I respond to your request for help.  

This business is seasonal and I work year round.  From May - November I am doing interior and exterior projects.  If you call me during the winter, I'll often have the interior project completed within a month.  If you call in April, the project may start in May, or If I have already booked much of the season, I may not start until October.  Please call early.

Transform Rooms, transform your home without an addition.

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling        


I love gutting a room, taking it down to the studs and joists and re-building it.  I can eliminate or move walls to re-configure the existing space, to design for the way you want to live and re-new your homes function, comfort and atmosphere.   Definitely not for the faint of heart, these projects are invasive to the house and intrusive to your peace and quiet.  I'm mindful of that.  Before starting, I like to have everything designed, ordered and on site so that I can work everyday until completion. Usually, when I am doing a project of this type a neighbor or friend will stop over and talk about a similar project they had done that took 6 months instead of 6 weeks. With planning, I try to eliminate work stoppages,  delays and inconvenience.    

Exterior Carpentry and Painting
Working outside, when the weather is great is fabulous.  As I have met customers during the last 17 years, many have said that they get their house painted every 6 years.  I don't think that is acceptable, my goal is 20 years.  I replace rotted wood and go further by stopping the cause of the rotted wood.  I will adjust and seal the gutters, or seal the ridge cap of the shingles or remove the dirt/mulch in contact with wood. I will prune branches away from the house.  I find that many painters don't consider the weather when painting outside so they will caulk and seal everything visible from the ground but ignore what is up high.  The end result is rain is allowed to enter behind wood and is then trapped and  wood rots and the paint peels.    The paints of today such as PPG Timeless and Sherwin-Williams Duration are "lifetime" . I am meticulous about the preparation and cleaning, I use a better caulking - OSI, I do everything I can to maximize the useful life of a paint job.  My goal is to provide the lowest annualized cost for my work.  

Finished Basements                                         
My goal is to make this the preferred room in the house.  I want to finish it using the same materials as the rest of the home.
I'm mindful of moisture and mold and use products and construction techniques to limit problems.  I recognize that lighting is essential for a basement to be used.  While natural lighting is preferred, I'll often use 12 recessed lights controlled by  four switches 
in a basement of 450 sq. ft.  This is a great project for Winter and early Spring.

Deck Construction and staining/sealing            
I build decks.  Composite decking is great but the price of composites often makes the project unaffordable.   I clean, stain and seal decks too.  The most tedious and costly part of that project is the railing which will take 3/4 of the time.  If you're thinking of an upgrade please consider AgeCraft aluminum heavy duty Colonial Railing.  With power washing, bleach, deck brightener, nails counter-sunk and decking sanded followed by  Sikkens SRD, your deck will be dramatically transformed.  

Hardwood flooring installed- whole house and stairs
Getting rid of carpet in the entire 2nd floor, removing carpet in the few rooms of the first floor and installing pre-finished hardwood flooring is transformative.  It just looks better, feels better and is cleaner.  Installing hardwood on the stairs makes such a difference.  Please call.  There are so many options available today.  

Whole house Remodeling and Restoration
I wrote earlier that I stay busy year round.  I buy and remodel houses and always have my own project to stay busy with.   I transform the homes and as I have remodeled my homes I have learned things that I might not have considered as a contractor.  It has forced me to pay attention to costs and returns. In the past, I would have recommended re-furbishing wood windows.  The character of wood windows is fabulous but the cost  to repair and maintain is  exorbitant and the energy waste compared to a new window is ridiculous.  Being focused on costs and expected life expectancy has made me a better remodeling contractor and landlord.  I want my work to last; I don't want to go back to fix it.  

Drywall repairs and interior painting
Leaking toilets, over-flowing tubs, any sort of water damage or kids rough-housing I fix drywall damage.  I fix it so the repair is seamless and virtually invisible.  Painting is always required afterwards.  I paint two story entry's and everything else.  I'm meticulous and guarantee clear, precise lines and uniform and even coverage.

Additional Services
As I think about what I haven't done over the past 17 years, the list is short - I haven't installed carpet, garage doors, HVAC systems or water heaters.  I think I have done everything else related to the the construction, maintenance, repair and improvement of houses.  

In addition to the items listed above I have:
Re-shingled homes
Replaced skylights
Rebuilt the first floor of homes that had been flooded
Lifted and replaced rotted sub-floors
Replaced windows and doors
Finished what the homeowner had started
Installed French drains and sump pumps
Extended downspout drains to eliminate water problems inside the basement
Replaced cedar lap siding damaged by woodpeckers
Found the source of leaks, and fixed them
Installed crown moulding, fireplace mantles, doors and other wood trim
Installed ceramic floors, backsplashes and showers
Installed recessed lighting, changed out chandeliers, switches and outlets 
Replaced garbage disposals, faucets, sinks, countertops, and toilets
Replaced and repaired gutters, downspouts, soffit and fascia
Built closets and shelving
Lifted decks that have sunk
Replaced rotted mud plates, beams and installed additional piers and footers.
Assembled furniture and hung pictures and mirrors.
Installed Hardi-board lap siding
Replaced locksets, window catches, glazed windows, replaced glass
Detailed homes before showing or listing a home.  
Installed attic flooring and attic stairs
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